Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Why should I spend $600 on your training when other people are offering the course for just 99 dollars?
Ans: I believe you do not even have to spend $99 as there are many videos on YouTube.com that teach threading. However, these cheap places or youtube videos do not teach you the inside our of hair pulling and the medical risks involved. If you pull the hair the wrong way, your client can end up in the hospital with derma issues or serious infections and you could end up in the court. In $600 dollars you are getting the A to Z of threading, you are taught how to safeguard your client by analyzing the skin type before you start threading, asking the right medical questions from your client so that you do not damage their skin and you are also taught how to protect your interests from nasty clients, plus additional support at no cost to you.
Q: Do I need a license from the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology to perform threading in the state of California?
Ans: California laws do not require you to get a license from the Board of Barbering & Cosmetology to perform threading. Please visit the Barbering & Cosmetology Board the ruling which clearly states that threading is not regulated by the Board and do not need to be performed by a licensee.
Q: Is my certificate recognized by any nationally (private or state) accredited association?
Ans: Currently, there are no private or state associations or organizations which control or govern the threading trade or schools. Any such school teaching the "Art of Threading" claiming to be nationally recognized or accredited is making a false claim. The beauty trade in the USA is solely governed by the Department of Consumers Affairs at the state level.
Q: I live in Arizona and need to know if I can practice threading in the state of Arizona?
Ans: Effective October 11, 2011, the Board is not regulating threading. The practice of Threading is defined as the removal of human hair with a single strand of cotton thread that is wound between the fingers to form a loop so that when the thread is brushed along the skin, the loop can be opened and closed by increasing and decreasing the tension on the thread in order to trap and remove hair from its follicles. Please visit the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology to check the complete ruling on this new law that became effective in 2011.
Q: Can I open my own threading bar after I get the certificate from you?
Ans: Yes, You may open up your own threading bar or you may work for any salon after you get your training from us
Q: Can I work from Home?
Ans: You may work from home after you get a business license from the city you live in. Each city has it's own zoning rules and you will have to check with the City's zoning department and the business license department where you want to work from your home.
Q: Would I need liability insurance?
Ans: When you work on the human body, it is always safe to have liability insurance in case someone sues you for any kind of damage.
Q: What is the cost of liability insurance?
Ans: The liability insurance starts at $185 for one year and goes up based on the coverage